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Hey Guys. Its Crafter_Man here. With my first website. I have a Minecraft Server up and running, its bukkit. With factions. 
I would really love it if you could donate to make, this website, and my server better, the following is the link to donate, http://donateplz.buycraft ... mp;ign=Crafter_Man27
I will further edit this webpage. But for now I dont need a lot of stuff. 
My Server IP is and if that doesnt work. Its, and if neither of them work, you will need a Mineshafter Account. That is the link for Mineshafter, it is a free alternative for Minecraft. My YouTube is, ... BvT_0I4LQzlHCM2sq-Jg Please Subscribe so I know Im doing good. Thanks for coming to the WebPage. Have a happy visit.
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